Three Advantages of a Used Car over a New Car

Everyone has heard the myths and tall tales about buying used cars. Our Mountain Home AR dealership is working to dispell those myths by offering numerous high-quality used vehicles for affordable prices. Below we have listed three main advantages to buying a used car over a new one. Browse our breakdown and let us know what you think!

  • Lower Price Point: A used car tends to cost less than its new model counterpart. This fact grants buyers from Jonesboro to Conway and beyond more money saving opportunities. They can enjoy a lower monthly payment and more financial freedom simply by choosing to buy used instead of new.
  • More Car-Buying Options: Since a used car is more affordable, there are more options on the model that you can buy. You could finally choose that upgraded trim level that was just out of your price range when you buy used because it might just fall within your price range.
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation: When you drive a new car off of our Branson area lot then it instantly loses a significant amount of value. The same isn’t true of a used car because it has already gone through that process with its previous owner. That allows you to retain more of your investment and enjoy your new-to-you car.

if you are interested in learning about the other advantages of buying used, call or stop by our Harrison, AR area location. Our team will welcome you with open arms and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.