Are you a newcomer to the full-sized pickup truck segment? If you're a bit unsure of how towing specifications work, or are uncertain of your particular model's capabilities when it comes to moving equipment and goods around the Mountain Home, AR and West Plains, MO area, you might want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with how towing capacities work to better prepare for safe and secure transportation of whatever needs moving.

What is a Towing Capacity and Why is It Necessary to Understand Your Vehicle's Limits?

To put it simply, a towing capacity is the amount of specific weight your vehicle can tow when pulling a trailer. If you exceed the suggested limit, immense amounts of stress, engine failure, and general vehicle failure might occur, especially on your truck's transmission and rear axle. For information regarding your specific vehicle's towing limit, check the inside of your driver's door frame as you'll likely find a small sticker that offers up detailed information regarding your model's towing capacity. For further information, you may also consult your owner's manual.

Other Key Terms to Know

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: The maximum loaded weight of your vehicle or trailer.
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: The maximum weight of your vehicle with a trailer attached. Essentially, this rating is combining the weight of the vehicle and the trailer together as well as any cargo that's stowed in the trailer and the vehicle.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating: The maximum weight that can be put on the truck's front or rear axles. This includes cargo, passenger, and trailer weight. If excess weight is placed on either axle, stress, damage, and failure can occur which will ultimately put your safety at risk.
  • Gross Trailer Weight: The total weight of the trailer and any cargo it's carrying.
  • Tongue Weight: The forced that's placed on the back of the truck by a trailer and its load. This is largely affected by the placement of the cargo in the trailer.
  • Curb Weight: The total weight of your vehicle as if it's been driven right off the manufacturing plant floor.
  • Dry Weight: The total weight of your truck without passenger, cargo, and in this case, fluids (gasoline or diesel).

If you're interested in learning more about towing capacities, feel free to contact our Ram dealership located near Heber Springs, AR and Yellville, AR. Our sales professionals will be pleased to run through the benefits of our new Ram trucks or simply chat about how to safely tow your gear and equipment through Branson, MO and Harrison, AR with the proper trailering configuration. We look forward to serving you.

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